Too much in Slack defeats the purpose

“It’s putting content into a useful pre-made notification format that really works for our clients.”

Source: How Storyful is turning Slack into an extension of its newswire » Nieman Journalism Lab

The summary of this story is that Storyful integrates with Slack and can pump their content straight into a Slack feed. I have a few RSS feeds and other integrations that push ‘news’ into Slack and from that I know that:

  1. The Slack UI is not a lovely experience for news feeds. While it can subscribe to RSS and pull in content it quickly gets overwhelmed when the feed is fairly rich e.g. 10 or more articles.
  2. The Slack UI is not a lovely experience for comments and discussions. It’s not meant to be, it’s a stream of work and chat. There are very few UI elements that help with lengthy discussion and for the most part Slack channels are designed to be forgotten (other than as archival / search tools).

Good luck with this push, but it seems like Storyful has a hammer and now everything looks like a Slack nail.

#slack, #storyful