Beats Music Is Shutting Down On November 30

Apple is encouraging users to migrate to Apple Music, which it touts as a better discovery tool.

Source: Beats Music Is Shutting Down On November 30

Not a surprise really and that includes whether Apple bought Beats Music or not. The bottom line is that the service wasn’t very good. Sure, it had some interesting curated playlists when it came out. But they grew stale very quickly. And the UX, while less confusing than Apple Music, was hard to navigate as well.

The lesson to be learned from this is that the music business is hard. A long time ago we built MSN Music in Europe. Later we built Zune/Xbox Music components. And each time we did it we struggled with building a better mousetrap; UX is touchy, people have high expectations.

Farewell to Beats Music, nice try, hopefully the competition from this spurred Spotify to greater things.

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