For the next 9 days, I’m traveling by train from Chicago to San Francisco. Across the northern planes, into Glacier National Park, to Portland, then south. There’s a crew of photographers, writers, filmmakers, and artists on board. We have our own sleeper car and observation car. Each day we meet and hear from each other: lessons from our crafts, tips at honing our skills, and stories from the edges of the world. I feel so lucky to be part of this brain trust. The intention: cross this incredible country as people did 100 years ago, not in six hours, but over two weeks… see how the land fits together, and in turn, see how our thoughts and creative pursuits fit together. As I learn, I will share. I know we can’t fit errbody on this train, so I’m gonna give y’all the highlights. What a potent cocktail this will be. @amtrak #passportexpress @passionpassport cray cray 📷 by: @reallykindofamazing (at St Paul, Mn Riverwalk)

While this is an amazing undertaking and welcome… 9 days?!? What in the hell is wrong with our rail system in this country that it takes 9 days to do what would be a 3-4 day drive.

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