The WordPress transition: when I schedule a post…

I usually schedule posts rather than blast them all out at once. My first complaint is that WordPress does not have a native queueing ability; or rather it might but I have far too many other options to dig it out. Tumblr has this in a very simple option.

My second complaint: I go through the trouble of scheduling a post and click Schedule and the UX takes me… nowhere, it leaves me on the same page. A few options:

  1. Take me to the list of scheduled posts.

  2. Take me to my own site (not as good).

  3. Take me to the overview of my site.

Regardless, leaving me on the same page is weird. I am done editing, why am I still here.

p.s. why doesn’t posting remember my default Sharing options? I don’t want to cross-post to Tumblr often, leave it unchecked.

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