Mark Zuckerberg just dropped another $100M to protect his privacy



Remember when Mark Zuckerberg declared that the age of privacy was over?

Well, that was before he spent $100 million on 750 acres of Kauai North
Shore plantation and beachfront, the majority of which will sit
undeveloped in order to provide a buffer between his private retreat and
the public who might want to pry into his life.

That’s in addition to the four houses he bought around his home in
Silicon Valley, which sit empty, providing an exclusion zone that
protects him against prying eyes.

Then there was the time he flipped out
because his sister screwed up her (deliberately over-complicated and
difficult-to-understand) Facebook privacy settings and shared a photo of
a private family moment.

When Mark Zuckerberg (or Eric Schmidt) declares privacy to be dead,
they’re not making an observation, they’re making a wish. What they mean
is, “If your privacy was dead, I would be richer.”

The best use for Facebook is to teach people why they should leave Facebook.

Read the rest…

Well dang, that was my dream. There goes the neighborhood.

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