Day 21/21

Day 8/21:


> Took a rest day after 7 days straight of exercise. I walked a little, ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, then the wheels came off.
> We had a rough afternoon and as a result the family hunkered down with pizza, gelato, and several episodes of 30 Rock. Frankly I think Mark Sisson would have agreed with the decision. Some times you just need to get cozy.

Day 14/21

Lost count there… These challenges are hard mostly because life gets busy. Let’s see… I ate a sub sandwich Friday, going to Jersey Mike’s is something with the kids. Bread once a week won’t kill me, right? Maybe not but I sure do notice a weight difference. Could be lots of things there of course.

227.1 on the scale this morning. I worked out 4 times and ran once this week. Just goes to show you can’t run/exercise yourself to skinny.

The results

It turn out 21 days is really hard to get right. I forgot about this challenge often. But the results are there to some extent, 223 pounds at the end and definitely feeling leaner. I worked out 5-6 teams each week and got my mileage up to a 9 mile run. Most importantly here is what I learned about a 21 day challenge:

  1. Get help. 21 days is a long time to remember to do something. I posted this challenge on a group page on Facebook, apparently that wasn’t bold enough. So my next challenge will get even more public.
  2. Be okay with partial results. Of the 21 days I cratered 3 of them, i.e. I was off the food wagon badly. The thing with the 21 day challenge is that I had to get back on the wagon. I like that. It helped me recover from the crash.

I didn’t look into any of the 21 day challenge apps; I might do that next time. A few daily reminders might be good. I also might focus on something else e.g. I like the looks of this happiness challenge but perhaps 100 days is too long, 21 days might be just right.

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