Day 8/21


Took a rest day after 7 days straight of exercise. I walked a little, ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, then the wheels came off.

We had a rough afternoon and as a result the family hunkered down with pizza, gelato, and several episodes of 30 Rock. Frankly I think Mark Sisson would have agreed with the decision. Some times you just need to get cozy.

Day 14/21

Lost count there… These challenges are hard mostly because life gets busy. Let’s see… I ate a sub sandwich Friday, going to Jersey Mike’s is something with the kids. Bread once a week won’t kill me, right? Maybe not but I sure do notice a weight difference. Could be lots of things there of course.

227.1 on the scale this morning. I worked out 4 times and ran once this week. Just goes to show you can’t run/exercise yourself to skinny.