Day 2/21

21 Day Challenge

Day 2
Sleep… Not enough as the dog woke me up at 5am. I will focus a bit more on high quality sleep.

224.6 pounds this morning. Good trend but I know weight fluctuates a lot daily.

Exercise: nice Crossfit workout this morning. Lots of stretching, then snatch, pushups, KB swings, sit-ups, and barbell rows.

Breakfast: yellow card as I had a breakfast burrito that had a flour-based wrap. I plead not having time to get anything ready this morning so I grabbed something from Whole Foods. Sigh. Two cups of coffee then switching to herbal tea.

Lunch and snack: beef ragu and leftover grilled asparagus. Snack is two beef sticks from Cattaneo Brothers.

Dinner – steak and greens. Few glasses of wine but I managed to avoid what looked like a tasty beer. Also he kids ordered pizza and I skipped that as well. Whew, needed a little nudge from my wife to make that happen.

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