Day 1 – 21 Day Challenge via Mark’s Daily Apple


Starting April 13th I am starting the 21-Day Marks Daily Apple challenge. I’m hitting fitness goals but not leaning-out, pants are a touch tight, and bikini season is right around the corner. Additionally I have a 10k coming up and a Spartan Race in June; the fewer pounds of fat I have to carry, the better. And my wife and I are running a marathon end of summer.

So it’s time. I am posting this publicly, asking my Crossfit gym for support, and will post a daily update for both of my followers.

Day 1

225.4 this morning,down from 228 yesterday. That’s a good way to start. I’m off to Crossfit and then work. Crossfit was good except I tweaked something in my legs doing heavy squats. Need to watch that, don’t want to get injured.

Breakfast: a burrito with three eggs, a slice of cheese, and some meat. Also a coconut water. Probably more carbs than I should have but the guidelines for carbs are higher when doing taxing workouts.

Lunch. Beef ragu over veggies. Two hardboiled eggs. Snack was a can of lovely olives (1g carbs, nice)

Dinner: wicked chicken, some veg. Couple glasses of red wine, could have cut back here. 3 scoops of icecream.

Calling this a win for the most part. Room for improvement of course.

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