Under Armour (owner of MapMyFitness) buys both MyFitnessPal and Endomondo

What’s really astounding is that none of the companies acquired make actual devices.  Instead, everything is about platform and data.  And – more importantly, users.

Endomondo is the smaller of the two, clocking in at 20 million registered users.  While MyFitnessPal dwarfs that at 80 million users.  That is added to the previous Under Armour (effectively MapMyFitness) user base of 30 million.  Total users: 130 million.

Just doing some back of the napkin math, if you were/are a user of those acquired platforms, here’s what you were worth:

MyFitnessPal: $5.94
MapMyFitness: $7.50 (at purchase there were 20M users)
Endomondo: $4.25

Full Story: DCrainmaker

Hm, maybe I should have kept going with my online fitness site I built in 2000.