The original legion of boom

I’ve been blessed (or cursed) with growing up with Seahawks football. It’s been more downs than ups but there have been some amazing ups.

The Legion of Boom in the 2013/2014 season is wonderful, but I remember all the other ones…

  1. Kenny Easley, the baddest, hardest-hitting safety anyone ever saw (even Ronnie Lott said so).
  2. Fredd Young… best football hit ever?
  3. Hell, receivers were part of it too… Steve Largent,

Go Hawks!

Given that many of us spend over 40 hours per week at our jobs, you owe it to yourself to regularly evaluate your career situation. Even if you’re perfectly happy at your current job, make it a habit to check in with yourself (or with a trusted buddy, if that’s helpful) at least twice a year

How often do you do the self-check?


Lloyds Hotel of Möllerfjorden on the arctic island chain of Svalbard, Norway

Writes contributor Lauren Farmer:

This “5 star” hut was built in 1912 (or some say 1925) by the shipping company North German Lloyd as an emergency shelter after they took over the possessions of the 1910 “Zeppelin” Expedition, which had occupied the area. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to see it twice and am still amazed it’s stocked with unopened bottles of vodka! And plenty of 40 year old magazines.

More here.

Honestly… how cool is this? Just freakin’ awesome. 



For the film the city of Troy was built on the Mediterranean island of Malta, however the walls of the city were built in Mexico. (x)

Troy (2004)

Hard to recall, but was “Troy” one of the top 10 worst movies ever? It sure destroyed a lot of love from the Greek classic. Wow that was bad.

Article: 5 Ideas to Create an Amazing 2015

Article: 5 Ideas to Create an Amazing 2015

The case for distributed teams « Geeky

The case for distributed teams « Geeky


Article: Low-fat diets were a “global, uncontrolled experiment”

Article: Low-fat diets were a “global, uncontrolled experiment”