We find ourselves at a critical crossroads. Large scale challenges such as climate change, healthcare, and ageing demographics—just to mention a few—are eroding the foundation on which our societies have been built. While the world is thriving with knowledge, innovations, and good will, there is little positive sum progress at this scale, on these fronts.

Our fundamental problem is that we are organized for an 18th century world, facing 21st century problems. Our academies of learning, our governmental structures, and our professions are siloed by boundaries that do not match the needs of the world we live in.

– Marco Steinberg, Welcome to HDL Global 2010 – Helsinki Design Lab

Summarizes so much: 18th century organizations facing 21st century problems.

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Our professions and industries are still organized and run as they were in the 18th century… or even longer. Think about it, how long have doctors and lawyers undergone essentially the same guild-like training? And even our highest tech companies (most of them) still revolve around a structure of management from earlier factory days.