Restaurant wants to make Yelp unreliable
Matthew Williams,

Botto Bistro in Richmond, California is unconcerned about its Yelp rating. In an effort to undermine the reliability of its Yelp page, Botto Bistro is working to be the worst-rated restaurant in the Bay Area and is encouraging its customers to lea…

Having hit a brick wall trying to use Yelp yesterday to find a place to grab dinner it seems like the time is right for someone to disrupt this space. We know “star” ratings are bogus. If the Chipotle down the road gets the same score as the fantastic restaurant in Paris, it’s broken.

Furthermore geography needs to be taken into account. Not all regions are created equal in terms of food; a road stop with five fast-food places just isn’t the same as a local foodie neighborhood. And yet to Yelp they are all equal.