Better front rack shoulder stability | Feat. Kelly Starrett | MobilityWOD

Fun mobility exercise today. Summary: go a little wider on the grip and then streeeetch into the front rack position.

I’m going to try this for a few days, getting that front rack right is something that I’ve struggled with for years.


Talko – but will I get more time to listen anyway?

Talko – but will I get more time to listen anyway?


Rolling Pistol Progression Pt.1 – YouTube

Rolling Pistol Progression Pt.1 – YouTube

Restaurant wants to make Yelp unreliable
Matthew Williams,

Botto Bistro in Richmond, California is unconcerned about its Yelp rating. In an effort to undermine the reliability of its Yelp page, Botto Bistro is working to be the worst-rated restaurant in the Bay Area and is encouraging its customers to lea…

Having hit a brick wall trying to use Yelp yesterday to find a place to grab dinner it seems like the time is right for someone to disrupt this space. We know “star” ratings are bogus. If the Chipotle down the road gets the same score as the fantastic restaurant in Paris, it’s broken.

Furthermore geography needs to be taken into account. Not all regions are created equal in terms of food; a road stop with five fast-food places just isn’t the same as a local foodie neighborhood. And yet to Yelp they are all equal.

Checking out Wordpress again

It’s been a long time since I used WordPress. I switched to Posterous for a while. When it was purchased by Twitterand then shut down, well… Time to get serious about Tumblr. I checked, apparently I have been using Tumblr for over five years now, my how the time flew by.

Ive been reasonably happy with Tumblr. It is nicely integrated with most of the tools I use, the price is right (free, sort of), and they have a nice community. But like all things the “free” aspect has to come home to roost, i.e. someone has to pay at some point and the ads are piling up while the feature velocity oils slowing down.

I plan to try WordPress for a while, see if I like it before taking the plunge… again. Last time I self-hosted, I don’t think I’ll take that on again just yet.

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