Domain name registrars are evil

Today I did something I have been meaning to do for a long time: transfer my primary domain to a more customer-friendly registrar. Wow, this was unpleasant to say the least:

  1. Figure out how to log into both the old registrar and the new one. This won’t happen again, 1Password to the rescue.
  2. Figure out the weird process for transferring the domain.
  3. Groan as I realize that I have my WHOIS info pointing to an old email account. And while that old email account forwards to my new email account… if the incoming email is marked as spam at the old GMail account, it never gets forwarded. I understand that but wow does it mean that my old GMail account has a bunch of stuff I never saw? Yep.
  4. Get told I need an EPP key. And then spelunk until  find how to acquire that on my old registrar.
  5. Told 4-5 days “if approved” to get my key.
  6. Cuss, swear, and decide maybe dropping off the net is the right next step.

Um… this is exactly why I never want to do business with this old registrar ( for both of my followers).

Needless to say I will be more careful with whom I do business in the future.

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