Apple. Eats. Beats.

A long time ago we bought a music streaming company that had more subscribers than Beats for less than $100m. Amazing what a premium put on other parts of this business.

Still… Apple backing beats means more competition which can only cause more innovation and hence goodness for the customer. Has anyone else noticed Spotify seems to be pushing more changes more quickly lately.

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Article: Killed The Mockingbird? American Classics Booted From British Reading List   

Article: Killed The Mockingbird? American Classics Booted From British Reading List   

GMOs, past and future

GMOs, past and future


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Announcing Surface Pro 3 | Microsoft Surface Blog

We’ve increased the size of the screen – Surface Pro 3 has a 12” ClearType Full HD screen with 2160 x 1440 resolution. The new screen is 38% bigger than Surface Pro 2, with 50% more pixels.

Thinner, lighter and bigger. Instead of an iPad “killer”, Microsoft announced a very potent ultrabook/Macbook Air competitor. I love the larger, high resolution screen and the 3:2 aspect ratio. Prices start at $799 for the Intel Core i3 version with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The keyboard will cost you an extra $130 and the pen is yours for $49. All this adds up to $978 for the cheapest complete Surface 3 package. But you’ll probably want at least the $999 Intel core i5 version with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. Add the case and the pen and we’re looking at $1178.

Looks pretty nice. Glad to see the Surface pushing, competition is good for everyone.

Heck, we’ve had electricity for well over a century now, flushing toilets for nearly two and we’ve still not got that sort of market penetration of either of them. Smartphones are actually spreading faster than the Black Death did….

Tim Worstall, on the Ericsson report that predicts that we’ll see 5.9 billion on smartphones within the next 5 years. (via parislemon)

Now that’s a headline: smartphones are spreading faster than the Black Death

Is This the Way to Find Privacy on Economy Flights?
John Metcalfe,

Idan Noyberg/Gal Bulka“Privacy” and “comfort” are not words often associated with flying, especially if you’re flying economy. You’re about as likely to have a relaxed journey as you are to find Samuel L. Jackson hollering about boa constrictors (…

I never know where the Onion finds its article ideas,this stuff is brilliant.