How does one go about getting here, like, right away? (via)

Let me know when you figure it out — Lauren 

Looks like Positano. Been far too long since we went there.

3 passwords changed… 497 to go

I started this year committing to using 1Password and finally making my passwords more secure. Every time I’d forget a site’s login I’d dutifully create a new secure password.

Turns out I should have waited. Oh well, this gives me a chance to revisit all the security pages and add two stage auth at the same time.


“What’s your greatest fear?”
“Dying before I’ve gotten out of The Matrix.”

UPS Delivery Trucks Save 10 Million Gallons of Gas Every Year by Not Making Left Turns
John Farrier,

(Photo: zyphbear)Making a left turn on a 2-way street in the United States can take a while. Those few extra seconds add up for a company like UPS, which operates 96,000 trucks. Since 2001, the company has closely examined how it can become more…

I dislike making left turns across traffic. There is a lot going on including pedestrians, oncoming cars, and at least in Seattle often someone running a red light. Too much dissonance.

Good to know UPS is following my lead and whenever possible making right turns. I’m not alone.

Remember Farecast? Bye-bye, Bing Price Predictor

Remember Farecast? Bye-bye, Bing Price Predictor

We have too much fear of Apple. The approval cycle alone stifles your creativity.

Great article on WhatsApp and it’s refreshingly singular focus on a simple user experience, and how their entire development process is built to support it. It also talks about their complex relationship with Apple and shares how the inclusiveness of the App Store hurts their ability to innovate.

(via micflash)

Interesting… the key of course is whether they can stay ad free. And whether Facebook continues to let them keep demographics off the list.