An Activist and a Scientist Break Ground in the G.M.O. Debate



Amanda Little writes about a recent debate between Michael Pollan and Pamela Ronald, a prominent plant geneticist and a professor at U.C.-Davis, over G.M.O. foods:

“It’s not easy for anyone, let alone a plant geneticist who spends fifty hours a week directing a large laboratory, to persuade a crowd of young activists to shift their thinking on one of the most contentious environmental debates of our time.”

Photograph of Pamela Ronald by Roy Kaltschmidt.

Buried toward the end is perhaps the most sensible way I frame my modest and still-questioning concerns around GMOs.

“ “I haven’t read anything to convince me that there are inherent problems with the technology. I think most of the problems arise from the way we’re choosing to apply it, what we’re using it for, and how we’re framing the problems that it is being used to solve,” he said.”