Americans Vote With Wallets To Say Thanksgiving Is The New Black Friday
Sapna Maheshwari,

As much as some people don’t like the idea of starting Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, it absolutely drew the crowds.

While Amer­i­cans may tell poll­sters that retail­ers should stay closed on Thanks­giv­ing so that employ­ees can spend…

What could possibly be so worthwhile that you give up a day off? Seriously people… you don’t need whatever it was anyway.

This Is What America’s School Lunches Really Look Like
Maria Godoy,

School lunch has never been the stuff of food­ie dreams. I’m still haunt­ed by the mem­o­ry of my ele­men­tary school cafe­te­ria’s “brain pizza” – a lumpy oval thing topped with fleshy white strips of bare­ly melt­ed moz­zarel­la that clumped…

This is what we feed the future.

Looks like things haven’t changed since I went to high school.

Does it seem odd that with the exception of YouTube every app on the downloaded or purchased list on iPad is a game? And most of them are more child-oriented.

Also interesting not to see a social media app of any kind. Is that more for phones?

Saying goodbye to EveryMe

Saying goodbye to EveryMe

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Simple restaurant reviews, without the reviews

Simple restaurant reviews, without the reviews

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller (quote heard again at TEDxGöteborg)

Getting it wrong

I recently rented a car from Enterprise at San Jose airport. I showed up and had to wait in line even though I had reserved ahead of time. Okay, fine, first time renting from them.

I hand the counter agent my credit card and license. Then he types all my information in. Um… that’s what the web was for, right? Why did we go through all of this? The agent was friendly but this was a corporate rental, get me on the road.

Then upstairs to get the car. The car agent guy was friendly and professional. But why was he there?!? Keys in car, get me on the road! But we did an inspection, we talked again about gassing it up. Got it, that’s twice I said I’d leave it without gas.

As I finally pulled out of the lot the friendly manager-type worriedly asked me about customer service. Hey, staff was fine. But the system is wrong. At Avis I get into a car and drive away. That’s all. And how it should be.

Not a huge issue, no major hiccups, but who designs a system to require more people and be less efficient.

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