What a difference an inch makes

What a difference an inch makes

Apples and Oranges and Sour Grapes

Apples and Oranges and Sour Grapes

What bookies don’t want you to know about NFL underdogs
Roberto A. Ferdman and David Yanofsky, qz.com

When the Den­ver Bron­cos lined up against the Jack­sonville Jaguars last week­end, the ques­tion for gam­blers wasn’t whether the Bron­cos would win, but rather by how many points they would pum­mel the lowly Jaguars. Book­mak­ers pre­dict­ed tha…

Inane title for the article. Bookies don’t care who does or doesn’t cover a spread, the line is built on wagering and the bookies make a percentage regardless (assuming they run this correctly and move the line in response to incoming bets).

What is interesting is that large spreads are rarely covered. This means people get on the band wagon and there is an inefficiency there to wager on an under dog.

Outlier Minimal Backpack: A packable bag that’s stronger than steel and as light as a feather
Graham Hiemstra, coolhunting.com

Over the years many have come to expect mate­r­i­al inno­va­tion along­side con­sid­ered design from Out­lier. And for their lat­est bag, the brand has deliv­ered just that. The incred­i­bly light­weight and aptly named ,…

Cool minimalist bag… except for the non-minimalist price ($168, wow)

Woman Says Costco Didn’t Apologize For Locking Her Inside Store
Chris Morran, consumerist.com

(Kevin Scott Anderson)While being inside a Costco after hours might seem like an awesome setting for a movie montage — binge eating in the candy/cookie/nut section, trying on every piece of clothing on the tables, offering free samples to yourself…

Yes, this could be scary and CostCo handled it badly…

But c’mon, trapped in a CostCo all night I’m busting open a TV, a BBQ, and having a nice night of it. Crank up some tunes maybe, a nice bottle of wine. CostCo could probably sell this as an overnight vacation idea.

Getting tired of rating apps

Every single app lately it seems wants me to rate it. Why yes, of course I want to stop using your app and spend 5 minutes wading through a bunch of Apple password dialogs to write a review.

Or I don’t know, maybe use your app some more?

I understand, positive reviews help with download numbers. But nagging me will now be the kiss of death, every time your app reminds me it gets a one star rating for nagging.