I bought a Slingbox years ago when we lived in Paris. I wanted to watch football games. And it sort of sometimes almost kinda worked. It stuttered and stalled but I could watch a few games.

Today I wanted to watch the Seahawks game. We get some sort of basic cable as part of out internet package but it’s not compatible with our French TV.

So we plugged the Slingbox in, bought the iPad app ($15 seemed expensive, but since the Hawks won….) and voila. It worked.

Too often we forget how close to magic this stuff is.

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Happy birthday to this blog

Hard to believe I have been using Tumblr for three years now.

And nice idea for engagement Tumblr team, reminding me via email.

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Back to LoseIt this week. Weight hasn’t gone anywhere but I feel a bit leaner and that’s what really counts.

Slacked last week recording things.

The other key this week: no diet cheat day. I may fall of the paleo wagon but I won’t plan any stops along the way.


Still texting while driving? What it’s going to take to make us stop

Still texting while driving? What it’s going to take to make us stop

911 Firefighter

I completed “911 Firefighter”.
For Time: 14:33
50 slam balls 30#
50 DUs
50 push press 95#
50 DUs
50 box jumps 24"
50 DUs
43 burpees

343 reps

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Sorry, the Future of Computing Is Not on Your Wrist

Sorry, the Future of Computing Is Not on Your Wrist


When Good Isn’t Good Enough: What Email And iPods Teach Us About Microsoft’s Lumia Bust

In the math of new products, the value equation must add up. And incrementalism doesn’t win.

This week’s Nokia acqui­si­tion announce­ment by Microsoft rais­es an inter­est­ing ques­tion that I believe all busi­ness lead­ers would do well to lea…

This tells a lot of the story but misses an important fact: many people don’t switch because the future cost is higher. When the next amazing/cool/fun/wow app comes out how long until I get it on this platform? Will I get the new hotness at all?

This is a real problem for Microsoft. I like that the article talks about wearable computing (the future, the phone is just one part of it) but is Microsoft even in that game?

I’ll note that Microsoft had a smart watch back in the early 2000s. It stunk, it wasn’t super easy to use, it had a lot of things wrong. But like so many other things Microsoft did early (tablets, AI, phones) the company didn’t have the courage to keep improving it. But I see Pebbles now and think that Microsoft had a 10 year head start in this race and squandered it.