Monday, travel day

I dislike business travel. Airports bug me, waiting in dehumanizing security lines well… dehumanize me. But I vowed to get to this done better than I normally do. No bagel sandwiches or donuts on the run.

Breakfast: egg scramble with bacon. It came with potatoes and toast but I skipped those. Had black coffee and another cup on the plane.

Lunch: big salad. Another coffee.

Dinner: couple glasses of red wine, salmon & salad. Doing pretty well for the day.

Second dinner: uh oh… flight was delayed, glass of wine. Boarded the flight, sat for three hours on the tarmac. De-planed, another glass of wine. Flight delayed again, glass of wine. We finally boarded and I arrived home well past midnight. Was it the stress? The wine? I was hungry and ate a leftover turkey panini and a slice of pizza.

Verdict: meh. Didn’t need that many glasses of wine and I didn’t need such a big late-night snack.