One Goal, One Month: April 2013 – return to primal


I have been pushing the 80/20 rule a lot lately. A donut here, cookie there, beer even on the non cheat days.

And I can feel it. A bit sluggish, bit of girth piling on, heartburn at times. It hasn’t helped that I’ve had a wounded shoulder and so exercise, which is my usual crutch for pushing…

And here we go… the goal this month is a simple return to primal living. This is mostly about food and drink for me but will also include:
A. At least 4 Crossfit sessions per week.
B. Joined a 100 day push-up challenge.
C. I want to start running again, but that’s more of an idea given everything else.

Food and fitness, everything else will follow.

One Goal, One Month: April 2013 – return to primal

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