Gratitude Map of the Day: Thank You London
Henry Grabar,

Feel­ing bummed out about life in Lon­don? Check out this ThankY­ouLon­don map dis­play­ing thank you mes­sages for ran­dom acts of kind­ness. It’s a work in progress, but so far, Lon­don’s best is com­ing through.

In Regent’s Park: “Best foot­b…

Neat idea for an app: map people showing gratitude on a map. Just little thank you notes.

I’ve seen things which are similar but nothing quite like that.


TaskRabbit Welcomes 1,000 New TaskRabbits Each Month



Full Story: Task Rabbit

What will be interesting is when Task Rabbit takes the next step and begins allowing tasks like “code this app” or “I have an idea for a simple web site and need help”. In other words when it becomes a very fast and light job market.

Is It Primal? – Soda Water, Listerine, Tamarind, and Other Foods Scrutinized

Is It Primal? – Soda Water, Listerine, Tamarind, and Other Foods Scrutinized


Twitter Happiness Levels Soar As People Travel Further From Home

Happiness levels caputred by Tweets rise logarithmically with distance from our average location, say computer scientists studying Twitter sentiment

Full Story: MIT

The headline is interesting enough: when people get out of their normal location they express happiness.

But another nugget in the article is:

However, they also measured the average distance that each Twitter user travelled according to their geolocation data. They found that people in cities tend to travel over a larger area than people who live in less densely populated areas.

City dwellers travel farther. Which shouldn’t be a surprise I guess but is.

DragonBox: an educational game that teaches you algebra
Mark Frauenfelder,

Matthew Good is the cre­ator of Drag­onBox+, “an edu­ca­tion­al puz­zle game that also secret­ly teach­es you how to do algebra.”

The basic premise is that you must isolate the dragon on one side of the board in order for him to emerge. After ea…

I don’t know if I will learn more algebra from this app but I am having fun. I can see where it’s going…. looking forward to the advanced version.

Breakfast this morning, perfect. The original called for Brussel sprouts but we didn’t have those.

Tough week away from #crossfit with some planned downtime. Back at it next week.