Poached eggs in… soup??

Thanks (as usual) to Mark’s Daily Apple. Like many paleo/primal folks I love eggs. But even I can get tired of poached, fried, scrambled, omelettes, frittatas, and a few more.

Recently Mark posted a suggestion to poach eggs in chicken broth. And I was skeptical but given some extra time this morning I tried it. And wow! Best poached eggs ever with a hot, winter-ready soup afterwards.

Recipe is dead-simple:
1. About two cups chicken broth in pan, bring to simmer
2. Crack eggs into broth. Poach as you normally do. Doesn’t matter f a yolk breaks or the whites separate, it’s all going to the same bowl.
3. When poached use a slotted spoon to get the eggs out and in a bowl. Pepper heavily, salt lightly as they get salt from the broth.
4. Eat the eggs or most of them
5. Pour broth into bowl. Eat/drink

The broth has a nice flavor, mellowed by yolks and such. The eggs in step 4 are just great.

Perfect on a cold winter day.

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