Crossfit and cheating and oops

Tricky subject. We’ve all seen cheaters in workouts. We know those people
at the gym, you learn to ignore their scores. But it’s hard when you’re
screaming along and someone else calls “time” and you marvel.

All fair and it irks me but I let it go (or try to) as I am not and never
will be hardcore or a pro or a fire-breather.

What I know though is that counting is hard. I cannot swear in a 21-15-9
that I didn’t do 20 at some point. Or maybe 22. And I’ve been gassed enough
at the end of round 4/5 that I messed up and had to look around and ask
what round others were on.

What I’d love is something to help me count. A watch or FitBit or Jawbone
or whatever. Some gyms use chalk markers, that’s okay. I saw one guy with a
golf stroke counter, also okay. Need to look into this, not sure I want a
phone on me during a workout but I could imagine an app for that.

Anyone have other simple strategies?

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