7 days to go

Next Sunday I am competing for the first time at Crossfit, http://www.gorillagamesthrowdown.com/blog/final_wod_before_cut-off/2286

I know it’s taper week. Time to heal those small injuries. Work on any final form (I still am not doing Cleans well). And maybe most importantly get my diet under control after two weeks of questionable eating.

My goals for this first competition are
1. Have fun
2. Get a few great t-shirts and photos from the event

This week then is:
A. 100% primal/paleo. I know Wednesday night will be an exception but otherwise get the diet right.
B. Walking, stretching
C. Light lifts, modified and slowed down workouts, heal and rest and concentrate on form.
D. Have fun.

Wish me luck!