Adam™ | Altra Zero Drop Footwear – Not My Cup of Tea

I’ve been running minimalist for a few years now and have made my way through several pairs of FiveFingers, two pairs of Terra Plana Evo IIs, and a bunch of skin as I ran truly barefoot last summer.

In the interest of broadening out I tried the Adam, but Altra. Nice and comfy in the store, kind of cool as they felt like I imagine ninja shoes or ballet slippers. Very light, very smooth.

But then I tried running in them and nope… not going to work. First of all there is the rubber-ized toe cap. Because of the way feet (mine anyway) work when running minimalist you curl your toes up a bit during the stride. And so each time the toenail of my big toe would grab the edge of the toe cap. Not painfully but certainly not something I want to have happen for miles on end.

So the shoe was relegated to casual wear. Yes, I wear stuff like this to the office nowadays. But this morning all my other shoes were either wet or missing so I strapped these on and went to Crossfit. Mistake. The shoe did fine during warmups. Felt squishy but as Susan points out my feet are supposed to be their own support, I don’t need shoes for that. True enough. But the trouble happened with double-unders (jump rope). Every jump it seemed like either the shoe stuck to the ground or the jump rope or something. The bottoms were just… sloppy is the best word I could find. And it threw me off a lot, I got the rope stuck into the velcro straps, it was a disaster. Shoes were fine doing deadlifts and squats. I suspect the jumping mechanic is just not their strong suit.

So… I have a pair of shoes I don’t want to run in and can’t take to the gym. Looks like my casual shoes for a while.

Adam™ | Altra Zero Drop Footwear – Not My Cup of Tea

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