The hardest workout of all: stopping

Subtitled “my first Crossfit DNF”

This morning the workout seemed not only straightforward but actually in my happy zone:

5 rounds for time of:

  • 10 deadlifts (225# rx, use a fat bar for beast mode)
  • 20 1 arm kettlebell swings (53# rx)
  • 400 meter run

I’m pretty good at deadlifts and KB swings and cruise on the runs. But…

I went out for the run on round 1 and my back was a little tight. By the run on round 2 my back was spasming. As I went out for round 3 the spasms were radiating into my glutes and hamstrings. Oddly enough it was the running that made things hurt, the deadlifts actually felt good and stretched things out.

I walked in round 3 and quit. I was in serious pain, walking hurt, running was impossible. I stretched for a bit, felt a little better, considered going for round 4 and in the act of walking around a bit suddenly cramped up all over again. Doesn’t feel like a pull or tear or anything, just all the back muscles that stabilize and recruit energy from everywhere else in my body signaled no mas. 

This was awful: watching my gym-members finishing strong (cheering) while I used a roller on my back and legs was just tough, hard not to get up and gut it out. But today I made the right decision to take care of my back muscles so I could avoid a serious injury that would knock me out for a long time. I figure I’m not walking and running enough right now, I need more of that to strengthen and stretch things out. Back to the gym tomorrow, but carefully.

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