Ready For Change But Not Sure How To Find It? Welcome To Escape The City, A StumbleUpon For Life

Or maybe it’s a Badoo for jobs. Or a Facebook timeline for the future. In any case, meet Rob Symington, whose site is definitely for people who know they want to do something else with their lives–but aren’t sure what.

Rob Syming­ton is the…

Interesting concept for a new site/tool. They clearly touched a nerve; lots of people are unhappy with what they are doing but have no solid idea how to change it.

This is on my list of things to sample soon


You think the internet is big now? Akamai needs to grow 100-fold

You think the internet is big now? Akamai needs to grow 100-fold

500,000 Strangers’ Secrets: PostSecret Founder Frank Warren at TED
by Maria Popova,

Crack­ing open the shell of the human con­di­tion.

A friend once told me she believed secrets were these beau­ti­ful things that “break” when shared. But the break­age itself can be a thing of beau­ty.

Since Jan­u­ary 1, 2005, strangers…

PostSecret was such a lovely idea and the collection of post cards was moving. The iPhone app was okay, addictive and compelling sometimes both to watch the train wrecks happening but more often to find something inspiring or moving.

It all came to an end though with a barrage of truly nasty porn as well as, apparently, some FBI-worthy investigatory items.

What a ride.