Thursday-Saturday, not good for my diet

Thursday May 3  5/3/12

3 eggs, 2 espressos, cup of coffee
Lunch. Uh oh. Pizza and a little salad.
Dinner. 1 whiskey, 1 beer, 2 red wine, fish and chips Appie. I was at Seattle 2.0 and the food choices were few. After dinner we had a few more drinks at Ian’s place.
3 eggs for breakfast. Chicken wings and beer for lunch. Lasagna and corn chips and beer for dinner, truly a messed-up diet day.
Saturday: bowl of leftover beef and veggies. Lunch was a can of beef chili, an apple, almond butter. Dinner was a hamburger, salmon, and a little cake. Also 4 glasses of red wine.
Truly this is not a good way to lose weight and gain fitness. I shouldn’t be surprised but after the corn chips on Friday might I have had heartburn at times. I rarely get heartburn but I am learning that corn chips or heavy sugar intake tends to send me into this. Weird.

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