The weight loss challenge

My sister and I are starting a weight loss challenge. The stakes are
set and meaningful. The rules are simple: whoever drops the most
weight by June 20 wins. My official starting weight is 92.7 kilos. I weighed in this morning
at 92.5 which is more or less meaningless as I can vary as much as 1.5 
kilos from day to day.

My plan is to email and blog this competition as motivation to stick
to diet and exercise plans. I will not take extreme measures like
calorie counting or food measurement, I intend to get fit and lose
weight simply by eating a healthy paleo/primal diet. For exercise I
will focus on commuting more on foot. Susan and I talked last night
and noted that while living in Paris we walked between 3 and 5 miles
daily. Here, essentially zero.

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