Whole Foods To Ban Sale Of Unsustainable Seafood: The Global Impact
Laurel Miller, gadling.com

In a land­mark move, Whole Foods has just announced that start­ing on April 22 – Earth Day – it will no longer sell seafood from deplet­ed or oth­er­wise unsus­tain­able fish­eries, or species har­vest­ed with eco­log­i­cal­ly dam­ag­ing meth­od…

Yeah Whole Foods!

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Canada Gets Rid of the Penny

Canada Gets Rid of the Penny

Video from a recent talk at Sup’Internet

Video from a recent talk at Sup’Internet



Clean & Jerks are hard. Who knew.



Clean & Jerks are hard. Who knew.

Innovation Is About Arguing, Not Brainstorming. Here’s How To Argue Productively
By Daniel Sobol, fastcodesign.com

At Continuum, innovation’s secret sauce is deliberative discourse. Here’s how you do it.

Turns out that brainstorming–that go-to approach to gen­er­at­ing new ideas since the 1940s–isn’t the gold­en tick­et to inno­va­tion after all. Both Jona…

This is from my colleague Richard. Richard and I argue, a lot. And sometimes a little loudly. And we go several rounds at times. And mostly what we wind up with is far better than what we started with.

I love this article. Saying “no” in a collaborative meeting is something we are trained not to say. So we say “yes, and…” and then tie ourselves into linguistic knots essentially getting to “no, because”.

The article also points out the fallacy of not having a reason. Often we have metrics or facts or analysis but too often in brainstorming one hears things like “but I feel that…” or “that’s not what I do” and we miss the fact that often what we feel and do isn’t the crux of the design.

Thanks for the article Richard, looking forward to more successful arguments.