First! – One Goal, One Month So… I am off track, off the line, off the rez, not sticking to much
of anything. So I am bringing back the post that started this blog a
while back…. One goal, one month. I have been on a food binge, diet
cheat day is diet cheat most of the time.

I’ve been injured and can’t run, work has been stressful so I don’t
commute on foot, thankfully Crossfit is there to keep me a little
honest. But I have a trip coming up, that is horrible for food. And
then we go to Hawaii, I need to squeeze into some board-shorts I
bought in August and let me tell you the image this morning was not
pretty. So my goal for this month is I will simple take a photo or otherwise
record and post everything I eat or drink. It’s Draconion, it’s hard,
but it is also pretty easy as I am rarely without my phone. I did this
January 2011 and the results were astounding, I lost weight and
leaned-out. Sure, I was carb-free but here we go. I will take the
Sisson 80/20 rule and never beat myself up, but I know that recording
= fixing, usually.

#1st-of-month, #goal