January habit: put my money where my mouth is so to speak

December was horrible for fitness. I expect that. First it’s dark and rainy and nasty out and my body is craving foods. I always gain weight during December. Second, work was stressful. Stress causes lots of issues ranging from the simple chemical work in my body as well as the need to stuff food in my face whenever I see it. Third, I was busy at work and so I didn’t exercise nearly enough.

So January… there is always a carrot/stick to working out. It feels better but is hard to motivate. I am intrigued by using crowd mechanics and game mechanics to make this easier. So I signed up for Gym Pact (http://www.gym-pact.com/). The basic premise of this is simple: you say you will hit the gym X times for the week and will pay Y dollars if you miss. Given the sign up process and how wonky the app is so far I am skeptical that this particular app is the right thing, but it’s worth trying for a month and seeing how it goes. So that’s it: one month of setting weekly Gym Pact goals and seeing if the money motivates me or not.

Note: GymPact is a little sad in that outdoor workouts like running, cycling, or walking don’t count. That’s lame and needs a solution. Putting in GPS tracking or integrating with RunKeeper doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

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