Pine Marten, Mt Bachelor


Windy as usual, the sun was very welcome.

A look back at FUSE Labs in 2011

A look back at FUSE Labs in 2011

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We actively incorporate user feedback. And it makes an impact!


When you are FUSE Labs doing social research, you’re essentially an island of engineers and researchers working away at building a concept. You have hypotheses, but it’s not until you bring in real live users and watch their behavior, that you start understanding the deeper dynamics of what you have enabled.

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It’s hard to underestimate how surprised we were with initial Socl feedback during usability. I don’t know why we were surprised: in every single test we’ve ever run in my career user expectations wallop us at least once.

Justin Williams’ Use Of Social Networks

Justin Williams’ Use Of Social Networks

Turns out dogs *are* people’s best friend

Pet dog from 30,000 years ago
David Pescovitz,

This is the skull of some­one’s pet dog from more than 30,000 years ago. Found in Czech Repub­lic by archae­ol­o­gist Miet­je Germonpré of Bel­gium’s Muse­um of Nat­ur­al His­to­ry and col­leagues, it’s one of three canid cra­nia they dis­cov­ered…

This is fun. Dogs have been with us for a loooong time.

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12 days of Christmas

Not exactly to the song, but wow what a rough workout today.

Back is spasming from the deadlifts.



Article: Class-Action Lawsuit Has A Problem With Sun Chips And Tostitos Being Labeled “All Natural”

How crunched and processed corn chips can be labeled natural anything is beyond me. Of course how anyone would mistake a chip as natural or healthy is also terribly confusing. 
But I salute the effort, go get ‘em guys, strike a blow for a little more sensible labeling. 
Class-Action Lawsuit Has A Problem With Sun Chips And Tostitos Being Labeled “All Natural”

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