November Goal

My simple habit this month is to weigh myself each morning and record it.

Many books and guides discourage this. Weight fluctuates throughout a month naturally. Weight can increase when lifting weights even as fitness improves. But for me the scale is a fairly reliable indicator over time. It’s not perfect but it does provide feedback.
More importantly is it serves as a reminder for the day. If my weight goes up, I need to stay the course, eat better, maybe to for a short walk after lunch. If my weight goes down I enjoy that feeling and know its happening because the day before I did something healthy and I need to do more of that. Sure, it’s a mental trick more than anything else. I could probably also convince myself that the sun rising each day was in reaction to my fitness. But since I live in Seattle the scale will have to do*.

Most importantly weighing myself daily has worked in the recent past.

* the joke, for those not living in Seattle, is the sun rarely is seen to rise in these parts, especially in autumn, winter, and spring.

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