Diet cheat day shifting

For a variety of reasons we’re shifting diet cheat day to Saturday.
Friday has worked pretty well but there are many reasons Saturday is
1. Long run days call for extra carbs
2. Ski days are coming and a burger and beer on the slopes is a holy trinity
3. I am tired of work’s cafeteria food as my weekly splurge and
frankly enjoy a nice salad on Friday.
4. Kids are asking for waffles and crepes and pancakes but there is no
way that’s happening on a weekday. So… Saturday it is.

Scale tale, post-Thanksgiving

Weighed in at 89 kilos this morning which is down a kilo from a week
ago. Mostly goes to show that a week of decent food, sun, and moderate
activity can be pretty healthy. We’ll just gloss over the awful food
on the drive home. I’m feeling inspired this morning. I will do a light walk to warm up
and then jog for a bit before heading to work. Let’s see how the
Achilles does.

We’re also supposed to start Crossfit this week but we don’t have a
time set for that yet.


Lance Cpl. Jake Romo does physical therapy at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, Calif. He lost both legs in an explosion in Sangin, Afghanistan, in February 2011, while serving with the 3/5 Marines. Photo by NPR’s David Gilkey. (Taken with instagram)

Whenever you think it’s tough. When the going gets rocky… there is always someone like this out there to humble me. I sincerely doubt he wanted to inspire anyone, I bet he’d rather have his legs back… but thanks for the service and thanks for being my inspiration today to get up and go running.

The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |

The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |

#civil-liberties, #ows

Shop local

mollycrabapple (@mollycrabapple
11/25/11 11:07 AM
When you shop at small businesses you invest in local culture,
independence, and people achieving their dreams.And your money means far

I love small downtowns. I like vibrant cafes (which iOS insists should be
auto-corrected to cages) and shops and restaurants. The thing is, they need
your money. So if you spend your time chasing a dollar off all time you get
what you asked for: Walmart.

Of course if you like big box stores, crummy restaurants and jobs overseas
then have at it.

@mashable, 11/26/11 9:05 PM

Pete Cashmore (@mashable
11/26/11 9:05 PM
Better brand-building on Facebook, thanks to new analytics –

If you haven’t tried Facebook Insights yet… do! It’s not as powerful as
many other tools but it’s dead simple. Tweak your page, check to see what
the result was. This isn’t revolutionary but it’s easy which is often even

Farmhouse Culture – Sauerkraut! The garlic pickle flavored kraut is fantastic!!! Wow, if you are ever
in Santa Cruz, get this stuff.