First football game survived

I played my first game of full contact flag football yesterday. It was
a blast. I was incredibly rusty, their offense learned quickly that I
could blow my containment, took me a while to see the traps and “stay
home” on my assignments. I also was rusty playing tight end, had to
remember to pick up blitzes or in some cases simply pop the defender
and then start running across the middle to bail out our QB. Still, I played almost every snap (the other team had a full offense
and defense as well as some subs) and really felt strong the whole
time. No wind issues, could run the entire game and pursue. My
hamstrings were tight at times, I got clocked in the head a few times
(my jaw is sore this morning) and I have a swollen finger I jammed.
Not too bad really. Getting up this morning was a symphony of crickets
though, every bone, ligament, and connection made a noise.

Can’t wait for practice!

#football, #old, #sore