One week, where’s the weight loss?

This is about one week into the September goal and more importantly
it’s diet cheat day which is always a good time to take stock. My weight is up about half a kilo this week. So any thoughts of
cutting out alcohol and dropping weight quickly are gone.

I had two 80/20 moments this week. One I blogged about, the
anniversary party champagne at work. The other was Wednesday night at
our fantasy football draft (yes, I am one of those nerds) where I had
a glass of wine and a beer. Really, football without beer is weird. On the other hand I didn’t work out much this week. I had one medium
run, a paddle board hour, and last night I played football (which was
a complete and utter blast, loved getting to play D-line and
linebacker, didn’t like O-line as much and will ask for more TE roles
moving forward).

Sleep has been good this week but sleep was good most of August too. I
have liked the extra time in the evenings to get some projects done
around the house.

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