Paddling, surfing, hiking, oh my

We tried surfing Ian’s paddleboard behind the boat the other day. It worked as long as you start with the assumption that the word “work” means to try multiple times and succeed once while thrashing about in the water most of the time. But it was fun. I then had a nice 20 minute paddle back into a headwind.

Yesterday we went on a tough hike. It wasn’t especially long, seven miles round-trip. But what made it tough was a fairly steep approach as well as all the rocks. I hiked in VFFs the entire way which was okay going up, tough going down, and murder on the Forest Service roads. Poor Gruezi (official dog of our family) was unhappy with the terrain at times too, she kept trying to flop on the ground and take a nap. Dogs are more sensible really.

I got home, washed the car (first!) and then bought steaks at Whole Foods. And grilled. In the sun. And you know what, I really would have liked a beer or a glass of wine but I didn’t have one, I stuck to my September goal. I did send a whiny text to Ian complaining about it.

Weight is back down to 88.8 kilos after a tough diet cheat day.

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