Monday recap

I had a BAS yesterday for lunch and really enjoyed it. I need to look
up whether or not I should be eating sunflower seeds on my salads.
They give it a nice crunch and nutty flavor but I was re-reading
Taubes yesterday and had forgotten some of the info there (eg no
yogurt although this is confusing as he allows for four tablespoons of
cream). I ate two pieces of dark chocolate as a snack mid-afternoon; must
avoid the candy jar at the office.

Dinner was a simple (albeit meh) steak and a lovely salad with two
glasses of white wine and a square of chocolate. The whole family
watched the newest rendition of “Arthur” which we enjoyed but it
wasn’t a movie I’d really recommend to anyone. It just caught us all
in the right mood but was silly and obvious. Mirror test this morning says FAIL and the scale agreed so I will use
that as motivation for good behavior today.

#back-in-the-saddle, #mirror-test