Monday morning ((tag: food, diet, workout, heavy things)

Lately I have noticed my fitness going backwards. I am not as fit as I was in June, my abs are sinking into a slough of jelly. I know some of the reasons:

  1. I am consuming too many calories, especially alcohol and chocolate
  2. I am not lifting heavy things. Since the school year ended I just don’t have the routine to go to the gym and lift weights. I know I could do bodyweight lifts and such and I have but it just isn’t the same for me.
  3. I am not running, biking, and walking enough. My commute this spring was heavily built around moving slowly. I took that a step further and didn’t move at all.
The result: the dreaded mirror-test is trending poorly.
So I am getting back to what worked for me: I lifted weights this morning. I ate a sensible breakfast (berries and yogurt). And I am going to start blogging my workouts and food again for a while to get back on track for goodness. Fall is a tough enough time as my body wants to pack on weight for the winter but this year I am going to keep up the good fight.

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