July Goal – One Goal, One Month

http://fitnow.posterous.com/july-goal July is nearly over and I will say plainly that by any measure my July
goal doesn’t seem to be working. Is it me? Am I just not mindful? Or
was it work stress and travel and such?

I back-slid this month. My weight is up a bit and worse my mirror-test
results are coming back worse. I can only imagine that the dreaded
belt-test will be loosening sooner or later. My food choices have been
good but the thing I can point to is a reduction in exercise.
Generally speaking I was walking, running, or riding to work three
days a week. In July I suspect that is less than one day per week as I
had meetings and transit needs and let’s face it, the weather stunk. I
also fell out of the habit of planning my commutes in advance. I suspect August will see me re-embark on commuting goals as exercise.
Good for me, good for the environment. Maybe a grok run or two on the
way. Certainly my gym attendance is down; perhaps a nice home
kettlebell investment is in order. Whatever I do I need to get on
track again and make healthier commuting part of the solution.

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