Taxis in LA

Hasn’t been a good travel day anyway, but 20 minutes and counting
waiting for a cab. Super-glad I had no checked bags or I’d be even
farther back. So two things…

One, LA will never be a truly world-class city if they can’t figure
out cabs. New York, cabs. London, cabs. Paris, cabs (except for at 2
am on rainy nights downtown and then you better know someone). I’ve
been to LA for conferences a few times and always a long cab line.

Two, why isn’t this automated? They know when flights arrive and they
know where taxis are. That’s a decent algorithm. You could refine this
by using parking-lot data (eg if the lot is full proportion of taxis
is smaller) or data from rental car companies.

#losangeles, #taxi, #waiting