what do we we do the other 364 days?

what do we we do the other 364 days?


#bestheadline Mating turtles shut down runway at JFK – CNN.com

#bestheadline Mating turtles shut down runway at JFK – CNN.com

@mkapor, Keystone Kops in action

Mitch Kapor (@mkapor )
6/26/11 18:47
Please someone explain how it makes sense for Lehman’s Chief Risk Officer to
become World Bank Treasurer http://t.co/WWNLvuR

I tried to think of other phrases and failed. Like Charlie Sheen policing a
brothel didn’t quite work.

The kicker in this article is that the reporter concludes that it’s probably
okay for this appointment since “she was kicked out of meetings in which
risk was discussed”. Um, good reasoning there.

@amazonlocal sends me a daily deal, when did they enter the ring?

Having canceled my Groupon subscription this weekend (too much Botox, too far away) I was surprised to find an AmazonLocal deal in my inbox this morning.

Surprised because I hadn’t heard anywhere that Amazon was launching this service. Maybe I missed it in the frenzy of anti-Groupon articles or in the articles about which other deal services LivingSocial just acquired.

But I am surprised that Amazon could launch something like this without seeing more “Groupon is dead” type reports. Frankly with the cash Amazon has and the local network I’d think this is a natural move for them and one they can do better than most. Amazon also knows a lot about me like my address, my purchasing history, a wish list of things I wish I had, and even my music collection since that 20GB of music in the cloud for $3.99 was hard to pass up while I wait for iCloud to launch. I imagine that plenty of local merchants would like to access that aggregated data and suggest things for me to buy. Given the penchant for all deal sites to suggest yoga and Botox I can only assume my history and demographics say I am inflexible and saggy.

The other potential entrant in this market should be eBay since they already deal with people trying to sell goods and services.

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I can only dream-Europe Stifles Drivers in Favor of Mass Transit and Walking – NYTimes.com

I can only dream-Europe Stifles Drivers in Favor of Mass Transit and Walking – NYTimes.com

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Tumblr battles an old foe: spambots are creeping in

is it me or do I have more and more followers each day? I know my writing is wonderful, the prose explaining all the mysteries of life and technology and my quest to always be smarter. But hm… why do so many of these followers post naked pictures of themselves or require that I go through a Google URL shortener (kudos to Google, they warn about phishing when you use one of these URLs).

Seems like Tumblr is now important and popular enough that the scumbags of the world are now glomming on. I am sad that Tumblr will now need to spend time and resources fighting this rather than add new features and innovate (like maybe add HTML tables!)


xkcd: Connoisseur hits a little too close to home

xkcd: Connoisseur hits a little too close to home