Last night in Sayulita


Random snapshots of our last night in Sayulita. We ate dinner at Terraz Ola on the beach, lovely food and perhaps the best margaritas we found.

Sadly we didn’t bring our waterproof camera for surfing and beach shots… next time.

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Palm tree fascination


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I never saw palm trees unless they were on Miami Vice or Fantasy Island on TV. They always seem so exotic to me. I love their clean lines with their trunks gracefully reaching up to the sun, with fronds fanning out to provide shade below, and a home for the noisy bird inhabitants above. Nothing says “tropical” the way palm trees do.

Amazing dinner

Amazing steaks and fish at La Ola Rica, San Francisco (San Pancho, Nayarit). A definite must.

Living the rough life


Beach walk this morning, omelettes and coffee. Now a breather before surfing.

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Staying at a lovely house on the beach in Sayulita.

Tropical Bliss in Sayulita


Amazing environment here. Hibiscus flowers in bloom and coconuts hitting the ground. The moss on this NW Girl is starting to recede.

Off to Mexico!


We awoke to rain this morning. Well no, we heard the rain all night. And it’s predicted to rain all week.

But that’s okay, we’re on our way to Sayulita, a little town just north of Puerto Vallarta. I can’t say Puerto Vallarta without thinking of “The Love Boat”. Somehow Captain Stubing, Julie, Isaac, Doctor Bricker and crew steered a ship here from Los Angeles each week and didn’t kill anyone. Anyway… we’re off for some sun and surf and relaxation.

Uneventful start of the trip, boarded our Alaska Airlines flight without much in the way is ruckus. First stop San Francisco, then off to Mexico.

As we drove to the airport we tried to recall any Spanish; nope, not much there with French and Italian overlaid.

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