Zombie brands



Great post by Alexander Lobrano about “zombie brands”, brands which once were great but have since fallen off and are now propped up by memory. Certainly there are more than I know of, but some of the ones that come to mind:

  1. REI: once a real outdoor outfitter now mostly hocking overpriced gear to undereducated enthusiasts. Most of the floor staff is not very knowledgeable. You’re better off going to a specialty shop. Still good for base layers though.
  2. Daniel’s Broiler: decent restaurant but more sizzle than meat. Sure the steaks are good most of the time but it’s overkill to trot out with flashlights to amaze the diner about how perfectly it’s cooked. You know what? I expect a $50 steak to be cooked properly.
  3. Red Robin: yep, this once was a great hamburger restaurant. Now they get by on undersized burgers and are coasting on making the place kid-friendly. I get the kid-friendly approach having had little ones and needing a loud, bright place to put on feederbags from time to time. But they don’t sell great burgers anymore.
  4. K2 skis and boards: I don’t know this firsthand so I need to check it out, but K2 used to be a local Northwest brand. You paid a premium knowing you were getting a great ski from a local team. Apparently all production has moved to China now, I’m not even sure if they are based here anymore. (note: yep, production moved to China in 2001)

What are the others?

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