Thanks for nothing NW Boychoir

We recently moved back to Seattle after spending a few years in Europe. We’re trying to get our kids back into school and activities. And we keep hit ridiculous roadblocks. We had one school administrator tell us that since our son had “been out of school for three years”… um no, he wasn’t out of school, he was going to school in a different country you small-minded parochial fool. Yes, he doesn’t know US history very well but he can speak three languages and can navigate any city in the world.

Our latest is trying to get our son into the NW Boychoir or Vocalpoint. I get it that since he didn’t attend throughout that he isn’t going to automatically get in. If you don’t play college football going to the NFL is harder. I understand some preferential treatment for kids who have slogged through the entire system makes sense.

But this is the worst kind of elitism. This is the stupid, narrow-minded elitism that says that simply by virtue of not living here long enough you can’t do something. And it’s forever. And it has nothing to do with the child. Imagine that the greatest young singer in all the world outside of Seattle (given, I know many Seattleites cannot fathom that there is a world outside) moved here. That kid would not be able to join this choir simply because he had lived somewhere else.

Below is the response we got from Northwest Boychoir, an organization we will of course no longer sponsor or attend in any way (which is meaningless to them since our financial impact is tiny). I love the chipper “best in his music endeavors” coupled with flipping us the bird at the same time.

Thank you so much for your interest in Vocalpoint! Seattle. Unfortunately we only accept boys to Vocalpoint as graduates of the Northwest Boychoir. The group is very popular so we must limit membership to our alumni.


I hope your son finds a wonderful group to sing in and we wish him the best in his music endeavors.

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