Seattle, worst drivers #2

Four-lane road. At a stoplight. In the right-most lane. Person next to me seems distracted, maybe reading or talking on the phone or texting. No idea. But the traffic from the right is a freeway offramp so they come screaming up that thing. There is a break in the traffic but the other side’s light is still green. And suddenly this idiot runs right through the red light. And you knew she was going to do it, you just knew she never looked up at the light, just sort of senses traffic was slow and so went.

She came within feet of getting t-boned by the guy coming in off the freeway. He slowed but sort of couldn’t believe that with a full green light for him there was a car there. But he slowed…. and thereby avoided a really serious accident.

I passed the offending driver at the next light and peered into her window and she had no idea. Somewhere out there today is a person who just dodged a bullet of her own firing.

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